Millar Textiles


Our retail store, which is open to the public, supplies a diverse range of fabrics over and above our core items. If you require advice, please contact one of our sales representatives, complete our enquiry form or visit us and speak to Hilda.




Whatever your needs, choose from a vast range of fabrics that we have in stock such as linens, voiles, knits and denims. Alternatively, talk to us about your specific requirements and we will source or design a fabric for you.
Fabric for Face Masks
Our cotton twills, poly cotton twills and shirting have been extremely popular for the manufacturing of fabric face masks. If you are looking for something specific or basics, you can contact us directly.
When hygiene and durability are the main criteria, we supply hospital sheeting and fabric for theatre gowns, scrubs and nurses’ uniforms. The fabric is durable and may be specified to withstand industrial laundry.
Industrial Work Wear
When you need more durable clothing, Millar Textiles is able to supply a range of fabrics that are made to last.
Hospitality/Corporate Wear
Whether you require fabric for percale sheeting, table cloths, napkins, chefs’ jackets, waiters’ uniforms or a variety of suitings, shirtings and staff prints, Millar Textiles has the right material for you.
Home Furnishings
Millar Textiles is able to supply soft furnishings e.g. bull denim.
School Uniforms
Millar Textiles can supply fabrics for blazers, trousers, shirts, dresses and sportswear.
Custom Design
We also offer a custom design service. If you need specific prints or a specific colour, send us your ideas and together, with a designer, we will develop your own exclusive design. We will then produce the fabric accordingly using the most suitable base cloth. Kindly note minimums apply.